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  • The store owner will deal with the customer. The store owner sells the item, package the item, ships the item and process the refunds or credits. We will help with any disputes and help the customer and seller store owner if there is disagreements!

    Refunds, Help or Customer Service
  • A buyer buys online! Pays with our merchant account and we deduct the transaction fee plus the 10% seller’s fee. After the products has been delivered and buyer is happy with product, wait about one or two weeks you get paid via PayPal or other payment options. Very simple process.

  • You can sell only if you are over 18 years of age and are an adult. Sell your stuff, DON’T try to sell other people’s work. Your account will get banned for life if you sell Illegal stuff here and not your products. Sell product’s you have 100 ownership! Adult and non adult items welcome.

    What to Sell and not to sell
  • Sign up free today, you will have a online adult store with us at no charge. You can post and publish unlimited items and just pay as you sell. If you don’t sell anything then you don’t pay! You will pay a 10% commission on all products.

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